Student Services

Student Services


The Foothills Student Services Department is comprised of each site’s guidance counselors, graduation coaches, social workers, career specialists, mentor coordinators, graduation coordinators, scholarship coordinators, dropout recovery coordinators, and mentors. The department has developed a comprehensive plan to implement and monitor programs and services that support the counseling, assessment, referral, educational, and career planning needs of its diverse student population.
These include:
1) career fairs
2) college field trips
3) work-based field trips
4) enrichment field trips
5) student support groups (i.e., new moms, anger management, domestic violence, etc.)
6) individual counseling services
7) family support activities
8) graduation barrier identification process
9) gas card program
10) home visit program.

This also includes a concerted effort to maintain close working relationships with outside community agencies. Through their coordinated efforts, the department ensures that Bridge Bill requirements for student career planning services are fulfilled. A referral process for special education evaluation has been established. Students with disabilities are routinely referred to Vocational Rehabilitation, whose counselors meet with students on campus, when possible.

As students focus on getting their diplomas, they sometimes forget that after finishing high school, a new beginning starts. We at Foothills encourage students to start making post-secondary plans long before their senior year so that they are ready to make important decisions about their future before they graduate.

All Foothills students, regardless of grade level, should see the Career Specialist or Counselor to complete the required Tools for College Course The BRIDGE activities required by state law for graduation must be completed via this course. It contains self-assessments, career explorations, occupational trends and college information as well as easy access to state and national occupational and educational information available in the state.

Additionally, all students need to register at This website, created by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, helps students as they plan, apply for, and pay for college. The HOPE eligibility is calculated on this website, so it is important that all students register. Students can learn the difference between the Hope Scholarship and the Hope Grant, and learn how to qualify and apply for those funds on this website. It also has career assessments, information about colleges and financial aid, and a personal profile section for students to use in planning their futures.