Dr. Sherrie Gibney-Sherman, Foothills Regional High School Superintendent, is thrilled to be able to combine experiences from 39 years in education to open Foothills. Dr. Gibney-Sherman has successfully worked in a variety of settings including most recently serving as a site director at the Elbert County Mountain Education Charter High School site (Bowman) 2013-2015. Past and current relationships in the partner districts will be critical to the success of Foothills. Dr. Gibney-Sherman has served as a teacher, curriculum director, and assistant superintendent in the North East Georgia area since 1976. Over twenty years of administrative work provided helpful background while serving as a site director for the Bowman site.

Dr. Gibney-Sherman is prepared to establish Foothills and serve students in this region. Dr. Gibney-Sherman has a background in managing and running schools, school districts, and the classroom. She has a unique background in administration and charter schools. She has worked with the Georgia Department of Education helping school districts that want to become charter systems. In addition, she is an assistant professor at the University of Georgia supporting students who are earning their leadership credentials.

Dr. Gibney-Sherman is married to Dr. Ken Sherman, also a retired educator, and has two daughters –Alexandra an attorney in Portland, Oregon and Mollie a recent UGA graduate teaching at Clarke Middle School in Athens.

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